We’ve all heard the adage “small businesses are the engine that drive the economy.”  There is no disputing the fact that small business is “big business.”  The U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (USAMRMC) continues to make a concerted effort in forging strategic alliances with various small business concerns that are prepared to offer innovative products, quality services and dynamic business solutions in support of many Department of Defense initiatives.  According to the Department of the Army metrics, during the last two years, USAMRMC has been successful in exceeding the mandated goal of awards made to small businesses.

Overall, small businesses offer unique benefits to its customer.  The USAMRMC has experienced first hand how many small businesses can deliver the required product or service on time, in the right quantity and at a fair and reasonable price.  Whether the procurement is a micro-purchase via Government Credit Card or a multi-million dollar contract, USAMRMC has reaped many benefits of its formal arrangements with small businesses.  The USAMRMC has and will continue to rely on small businesses to assist us in delivering top-notch medical, scientific and technical solutions in support of our 21st Century War Fighter.  The USAMRMC Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP) remains poised to assist small business representatives in their quest to participate in the various procurements, thereby satisfying the needs of our customer i.e., researcher, logistician, clinician, aviator, etc.  Please feel free to contact the OSBP for additional information.  In the meantime, the information contained in this particular section should be of significant value to you and your small business.