HUB Zone

In accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation, Subpart 19.13, the Historically Underutilized
Business Zone (HUBZone) Empowerment Contracting Program is designed to “provide Federal contracting assistance for qualified small business concerns located in a historically underutilized business zones, in an effort to increase employment opportunities, investment and economic development in those areas.”

The USAMRMC continues to demonstrate a strong commitment to awarding contracts to HUBZone businesses.  The HUBZone Act of 1997 (15 U.S.C.631) is another opportunity for business leaders to take advantage of this program when considering selling to the USAMRMC.  Additional information pertaining to the HUBZone program can be accessed via  Please feel free to contact the Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP) for information regarding HUBZone certifications, locations and set aside procedures.